Our certification

In order to comply with the Halal requirements, we have entered in collaboration with IHI Alliance which is a worldwide reference. IHI Alliance is famous around the world for its works and seriousness.

We have been granted by an exclusive two years certification based on the ICCI-IHI Alliance Halal Standard for Logistics (IHIAS 0100:2010) legitimating GHL activities.

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certification halal
certification halal

Halal logistics

Being at the center of our know-how, we have adapted our logistics in order to comply with the Muslims’ expectations. In that way, we lean on three main principles :

  • The update to standards of the containers and trucks is realized according to ritual cleansing processes.
  • Inside our partners’ warehouses we have designated rooms and racks for Halal products respecting the principle of segregation and avoiding in the same time any risks of contamination with Haram products.
  • Our real time tracking system enables us to have a complete information and goods control. This optimized system enables also our customers to inquire about the evolution of their order at any time.

Soe definitions

Halal : "Eat of what is on Earth, lawful and good" Qur’an

Haram : unlike Halal, it defines what is unlawful, illegal and forbidden.

Halal logistics : is to apply the principles and Islamic norms to the shipping activity.

certification halal